5 Major Indications That Show It’s Time You Did A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling sits at the top of the list of home improvement projects that are hardly given any attention. I mean, let’s face it, most of us would easily and willingly put some cash aside for a new, glossy shower tub or a high-end music system than they would when it comes to renovating the kitchen. Then there are some folks who seem stuck with the belief that the kitchen doesn’t need to be fancy or ‘extra polished’. For them as long as the sink is working and the fridge is functional, then they are good to go.

Nonetheless, as we most of the of the time seem to forget, the kitchen is your crib’s most important area. There’s no need to elaborate this, you know it’s true. So it’s only fair that this area is renovated, not only when you have some extra coins to spare, but also when it’s due for repairs. But then again some may ask, how do I know that it’s time I did a kitchen makeover?

Well, if your kitchen is experiencing some of these woes, then someone has been sleeping on the job.

1.) Your kitchen’s appliances are falling apart

This is one the glaring signs that it’s time you allocated a sizable portion in your next month’s budget for a kitchen remodel. If the dishwasher or juicer barely starts or only works when you’re not in a hurry, then a remodel which includes replacing these parts will go a long way in making your life easier. The same applies to other ‘vital’ kitchen equipment such as the gas burners, refrigerator, electric cookers, kettles, blenders, toasters, etc. In most cases, an array of simple repairs during a kitchen remodel is all it would take to restore them to their original pristine condition.

2.) The walls are discolored and the varnish is fading

This also includes if the cabinets have lost their once radiant luster and color. You can easily notice this as the cabinets are among the most conspicuous fittings in the kitchen. The problem with the loss of color is that, apart from being an aesthetic eyesore, it also points out that a kitchen remodel is long overdue. Consulting the latest cabinet color trends can help guide your redesign. It could also mean that there is more than meets the eye in your kitchen. And also, If you have stayed long enough without renovating your kitchen for walls to begin peeling off, then who knows what other ticking bomb there is waiting to explode where you least expect it.

3.) You no longer feel comfortable spending time in the kitchen

For most families, the kitchen represents a common space where members converge to catch up on the occurrences of the day. To others, the kitchen is the official dinner place where they share our meals before heading to their respective rooms. On that note, you know that your kitchen is due for a Remodeling when it gets so messy and uncomfortable that no one is no longer willing to spend more than an additional five minutes there. If this is the case, then, a comprehensive kitchen remodel geared towards restoring its shine and functionality would be a better spend than buying the latest flat-screen TV.

4.) The plumbing is not working, the drains are constantly clogged

There’s no denying the fact that we all loath overflowing sinks and faulty plumbing. Sometimes we may be quick to brush this aside as ‘normal’ faults until the problem escalates to an unmanageable condition. In times like this, contracting a plumber to fix the clogged drainage is only a knee-jerk solution to a problem whose panacea is a comprehensive kitchen remodel. As usual, when carrying out the renovations, the major area of focus should be the plumbing system.

5.) You no longer like having visitors in your kitchen

This is also another subtle sign that it’s time you renovated and redecorated your kitchen area. A well designed, equipped and furnished kitchen has this sense of homely aura that is notably absent in all other parts of the house. However, this aspect is gradually lost as the kitchen deteriorates and falls back in repairs. Sooner or later, you no longer find it comfortable inviting your visiting friends over to have a peek of your latest kitchen artillery. Well, the reason is that your kitchen is slowly becoming less-presentable. Such a scenario is a worthy reason why you should consider a kitchen remodel as your next big project.

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