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When it comes to your kitchen flooring, you’ll want one that is that durable, stylish, and easy to care for. Let us help you find the right flooring solution for your kitchen remodel.

Complete Your Kitchen Remodel with Floors from PKC

The ideal kitchen promises warmth and comfort. It’s where families come together to create nourishing meals and lasting memories.

But kitchens are also high-traffic areas where spills, stains, and splashes are common. They demand strong and hygienic floors that can withstand a variety of thermal shocks. 

Choosing the right flooring is one of the first steps in a successful kitchen remodel. The flooring is the foundation of your entire kitchen and can make or break your space.

Work with our remodeling experts and enjoy a stress-free experience. Our flooring solutions are high-quality, long-lasting, and vetted by seasoned installers. Choose from a range of designs and materials to suit your kitchen’s overall style.

Considerations When Choosing Your Kitchen Floors

Floor Design

The floors should correspond to the cabinet style. The more ornate your cabinets are, the more decorative your floors could be. For example, if you installed traditional and ornate cabinets, your floors could have busy textures. But if you have modern cabinets, go for floors with pared-down designs.

Color Balance

A kitchen shouldn’t have too many colors, otherwise, it won’t be easy on the eyes. Match the colors of the countertops and cabinets with your floors.


Kitchen floors should be able to take a beating because it’s one of the busiest parts of the house. Payless Kitchen Cabinets will walk you through the relative durability of your preferred materials.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Fill out the form, and one of PKC’s specialists will reach out to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

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What Will Your New Kitchen Look Like?

If you have ideas for your new kitchen floors, use our kitchen visualizer to see what it would look like in an actual kitchen. Choose your preferred floors, along with your countertop, backsplash, and cabinets. Save or print your favorites, and we’ll discuss them during your consultation.

Get the Best Remodel Experience in Los Angeles

Diverse Design Choices

Accessibility shouldn’t compromise style. We’ve curated a selection of beautiful walk-in tubs and shower enclosures that look sophisticated and luxurious. You have an abundance of choices for colors and styles.

Flawless Installation

Our seasoned crew ensures level, flawlessly installed flooring in your kitchens. We measure the entire space accurately and avoid wasting material. You’ll have gorgeous floors that will last for decades.

Endless Design Possibilities

Whatever design you’re going for, you can build it with Payless Kitchen Cabinets. We have a huge selection of floors in different colors, ranging from creamy white to black. We also have a variety of materials, including the popular wood-look tiles.

Quick Timeline

Because we work efficiently and prepare for everything, we can finish your entire kitchen remodel — including the floors — in weeks, not months.

Options that Fit Your Price Range

Our flooring materials look luxurious, but they don’t come with a luxury price tag because we don’t go through middlemen to source them. Plus, financing options are available, so your dream kitchen is within reach.

Trusted Name in Kitchen Remodeling

Payless Kitchen Cabinets is licensed, insured, and BBB-accredited with an A+ rating. We’ve served over 33,000 happy homeowners across Southern California in over three decades. You won’t go wrong with PKC.

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3 Easy Steps to Your New Kitchen

We follow a simple, streamlined process to give you the kitchen you want. After the consultations, we’ll give you a comprehensive and guaranteed quote for our kitchen remodel service in L.A.

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Design Your Kitchen
Our team will use a diagnostic tool called the design analysis to explore what you want and need for your kitchen remodel, including the new sink. If we spot an issue, we’ll discuss it openly.
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This consultation is a no-pressure discussion about your dream kitchen, and you’ll receive knowledgeable advice from our experts.