Stylish Kitchen Cabinet Handles for Your Remodel

They seem like little details, but cabinet handles greatly impact your kitchen’s overall look. Let us help you pick cabinet handles that maximize aesthetic value and functionality.

Complete Your Kitchen Remodel with Handles from PKC

If you’re working on a remodel with us, you’ll have a range of stylish and functional cabinet handles to choose from. Whether you want a classic or modern look, expect to find cabinet hardware that fits your unique taste.

Experience a hassle-free remodel fueled by a stellar track record. You don’t have to run around town, coordinating with multiple vendors. Our crew will take care of every detail and ensure the final results match your design goals.

Design Considerations When Choosing Your Handles


Traditional cabinets (those with profiled doors and ornate designs) are best adorned with knobs or decorative handles. Meanwhile, modern and contemporary cabinets (those with simple, pared-down designs) are best adorned with sleek handlebars.


Traditional cabinets look great with brass and brushed bronzes, while contemporary and modern look best with stainless steel and satin finishes.


Consider the proportion and visual balance of the knobs or bars on the cabinets. A good rule of thumb is that bars should be about one-third the length of the cabinet drawer. But there can be exceptions, especially if our clients prefer otherwise.

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What Will Your Kitchen Cabinets Look Like?

Got ideas for your kitchen cabinets? Try our visualizer tool to see what your ideas look like in an actual kitchen. Save your favorites, and let’s discuss them during the consultation.

Get the Best Kitchen Cabinets in Los Angeles

Diverse Design Choices

Accessibility shouldn’t compromise style. We’ve curated a selection of beautiful walk-in tubs and shower enclosures that look sophisticated and luxurious. You have an abundance of choices for colors and styles.

Painless Installation

A kitchen remodeling may be overwhelming, but not at Payless Kitchen Cabinets. We take the mess and frustrations out of remodels. Our team takes care of everything, from sourcing the materials to installing all handles. As a one-stop shop, we provide everything needed for your new kitchen, from the cabinetry to the backsplash to the faucets.

Endless Design Possibilities

With an extensive catalog of materials, you’ll build the kitchen of your dreams with PKC. Apart from handles, our cabinet designs, sinks, flooring, faucets, and backsplashes come in various styles, colors, and textures. You’ll get a true one-of-a-kind kitchen.

Quick Timeline

Delays are minimal, and installation is smooth. At Payless Kitchen Cabinets, we give you the kitchen cabinets you want in weeks, not months. Before we remodel your cabinets, we plan every detail. Plus, we have a hardworking and seasoned crew.

Affordable Options

Our cabinet handles look expensive, but they don’t have the luxury price tag. If you hire PKC for your remodeling, you’ll enjoy flexible financing options.

Trusted Name in Kitchen Remodeling

With over 33,000 homeowners served in Southern California, Payless Kitchen Cabinets is your go-to contractor for gorgeous kitchen cabinets. Our A+ rating is proof of our superior workmanship.

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We follow a simple, streamlined process to give you the kitchen you want. After the consultations, we’ll give you a comprehensive and guaranteed quote for our kitchen remodel service in L.A.

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