5 Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops are the most noticeable parts of kitchens not only because they often take up the most space but also because they are in constant use. Kitchen countertops take a lot of pressure and every once in a while, they need changing. The reason might be damage or simply a need for something different but when this time comes, home owners must know exactly how to choose a good kitchen countertop:


Ease of cleaning is an important factor to consider before choosing countertops as you do not want a surface that stains easily. Granite countertops are famed for their beauty but the downside is that they require constant sealing to prevent stains. Solid surfacing is non porous and therefore very easy to clean. Quartz surfacing is also relatively easy to clean in comparison to marble countertops which are most susceptible to staining even with sealing. Stainless steel countertops are preferred for commercial kitchens as they are stain resistant.

Pleasing to the eye

Aesthetics are important for modern kitchens to match the lavish homes and superior tastes. Marble is hailed for the sheer elegance that it brings to kitchens while granite countertops bring a natural feel to the space. Granite has unique natural patterns which brings a personal touch to every piece. Solid surfacing offers various pattern options for those who are not so keen about a natural effect. Another countertop material that provides a greater range of patterns is quartz compared to natural stones like granite.


The most important quality of kitchen countertop materials is their scratch resistance. Granite countertops can stand up to sharp knives and hot pans but laminate and solid surfacing will not. Tiles can also hold their own against heat and sharp objects and they are easy to replace in case they chip. Laminate is most susceptible to scratches and burns which are difficult to repair owing to the raw particle board core. Soapstone countertops are increasingly gaining popularity but they cannot stand knife scratches compared to other natural stones. They are also rough which may scratch glassware and china pieces.

During kitchen remodeling you do not need to change everything, making it important to consider the weight of your countertop material. Granite and concrete are particularly heavy calling for strong support while laminate is among the lightest material for kitchen countertops. Paper composite countertops are relatively sturdy but they are also lighter than natural stones. They are also surprisingly water and heat resistant, making them an ideal choice for busy kitchens.


Kitchens should be clean and free of bacteria at all times because contamination of food may lead to illness. This is why people prefer kitchen countertops without grooves that could host bacteria and dirt. Some people avoid tiles owing to this and choose solid surfacing instead. Sealing may help prevent this problem with concrete and granite countertops but this is labour intensive and should be costly for some people.


Another consideration to make while choosing kitchen countertops is price. Some surfaces are expensive to buy and maintain but that doesn’t make all the cheaper options ideal. Rather than allow price to be your sole guiding factor you should go for the countertops that satisfy your needs.

The most popular kitchen countertop material is granite which is famed for its strength, durability and heat resistance. It is rather pricey compared to other materials but this could save you money in the long run as it holds up really well against sharp objects. You should be careful while shopping though because some unscrupulous people sell knock offs to unsuspecting people. Granite countertops are popular for many reasons but that doesn’t make them your only choice.

The variety in the market makes it possible to choose one that meets your personal style. If choosing a material becomes too daunting, you can enlist the services of a professional contractor. These are people with unique tastes and professional training that allow them to help you design your living space most affordably and effectively.

They offer design tips and ideas to ensure that the remodel results are most satisfactory. Most importantly you must choose a kitchen countertop that answers to the needs of your entire family. For some people, it is better to incorporate different materials for increased resistance and beauty of their kitchens.

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