How Much Does it Cost To Replace Kitchen Countertops?

You might be ready to replace your kitchen countertops. Do your once-gorgeous countertop surfaces seem to have picked up major damage, signs of wear, or some functional limitations? A countertop replacement job would instantly improve the look and function of your entire kitchen, but how much does it cost to replace kitchen countertops anyway?

If knowing how much countertops cost has prevented you from starting your next kitchen improvement project, this post is for you. As a premier kitchen remodel contractor in Los Angeles County, California, Payless Kitchen Cabinets shares the details below.

How Much Does a New Kitchen Countertop Installation Cost?

The cost to install new countertops in a kitchen varies from project to project. Typically, your final expense is going to depend on several factors, including:

  • Labor
  • Materials
  • Kitchen size
  • Countertop shape
  • Project complexity

If you’re going to go ahead and hire a professional company to handle it, prepare to pay around $15 to $70 per square foot for kitchen countertop replacement (the service’s typical price range). 

However, the material is a big factor in this cost, with prices anywhere from $1 to more than $200 per square foot. For instance, marble countertops are one of your more luxurious countertop materials, so a marble countertop installation cost could reach almost $100 per square foot. Installing high-end granite might cost half that amount, starting from as low as $40 per square foot. 

As a rule of thumb, you can expect your countertop material costs to come out at about half of the total amount you’ll pay to replace your kitchen counters. The labor cost for an average-sized kitchen countertop replacement might be as little as a few hundred dollars, but it depends on the company you hire, material handling, and unconventional countertop dimensions.

Other Kitchen Countertop Factors That Impact Installation Costs

How much does it cost to replace kitchen countertops? The answer isn’t exact. After all, when replacing countertops, you must consider everything from who will handle the installation to where you’ll source the materials you’ve selected. 

You should also think about the following factors that could impact how much you spend on your hard-earned new counters to transform your kitchen space:

Edging Treatments For Kitchen Designs

An often overlooked contributing factor to your replacement kitchen countertops’ cost is how you choose to finish it. What types of edges and corners do you want to complement the design? Typically, homeowners pay up to $20 per linear foot for corner and edge finishing, but this will triple if it’s decorative edge carving into a natural stone slab or something to that effect.

Other edge styles to consider for the kitchen countertop include the following:

  • A decorative ogee or S-curve on stone countertops
  • A standard eased edge for small kitchens featuring a slightly rounded square shape
  • Bevel edging with a straight yet elegant 45-degree angle across the top edge

Kitchen Installation Location

Do you have an outdoor kitchen? Anticipate a higher cost for its countertop replacement job. 

The labor for indoor and outdoor kitchen installation might not differ much. However, you usually have to pay a little more for outdoor materials that are weather resistant.

Kitchen Backsplash Installation

Many homeowners like to replace or install a backsplash with a kitchen countertop replacement. Vinyl, beadboard, and slate tile are generally affordable, while glass tile, marble, and stainless steel backsplashes are more expensive. 

The average cost for a new backsplash ranges from about $10 to $300 per square foot.

Existing Kitchen Countertop Removal

With a professional countertop replacement, the service may include the removal and disposal of your current countertops. 

The price for this convenient service depends on your chosen contractor, as some companies offer it as a complimentary service. To be safe, reserve a few hundred for material removal.

4 Affordable Countertop Materials To Consider

Some of the most expensive kitchen countertop materials include stainless steel and engineered stone quartz. These materials are expensive because of their unrivaled durability, low maintenance requirements, and undeniably gorgeous appearance in any setting.

Still, it’s understandable that you might not want to pay such high prices to upgrade your kitchen surfaces. Why not choose from several affordable materials and still get beauty, function, and value for your new kitchen countertops? Prices can climb with the quality of the material, but the following countertop choices are among the most economical:

Butcher Block

How much does it cost to replace kitchen countertops if you’re going for a butcher block? These traditional natural wood countertops give any kitchen a sense of warmth and charm. Plus, they’re durable, which is perfect for home cooks who want to get the most use out of their new kitchen surfaces without over-the-top installation prices.

Butcher block countertops can cost a lot depending on the type of wood you get, though wood is generally affordable. The countertop’s surface area and wood finish will also contribute to the cost. Additionally, wood countertops are easy to clean and can last for years with the right care and upkeep, so they promise a cozy, functional, and safe kitchen.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate is one of the most affordable countertop materials. You can get it in an endless variety of colors and patterns, which is great for giving your kitchen a unique, custom design. Laminate countertops are also available in high-end designs that imitate luxury countertop materials like natural stone and engineered quartz.

The most expensive laminate countertop options are about $40 per square foot. The material is easy to install. If you’d like to maximize your savings and still have beautiful kitchen surfaces to complement your design preferences, consider installing laminate countertops.

Quartz Overlays

Engineered quartz consists of natural quartz particles, resin, and other materials. The combination creates a stunning countertop slab with designs that rival the beauty of natural marble. Though substantially cheaper than luxury marble, engineered quartz can still cost a packet.

If the full deal is beyond your budget, an affordable alternative to engineered quartz countertops would be quartz overlays. Professionals can install these thin layers of quartz over your current kitchen surfaces to enhance their appearance without completely replacing what’s underneath. You won’t have to worry about paying for new stone slabs, countertop demolition, or waste hauling, and you’ll still get that much-needed kitchen upgrade at a fraction of the cost of an engineered quartz countertop replacement.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Countertops

Tile countertops are another way to give your kitchen a classic visual appeal. They come in various materials, shapes, and colors across a huge price range. If you have about 30 square feet of kitchen countertop space, you could pay anywhere between $30 and $3,000 for tile countertops!

On average, this versatile tile countertop option ranges from $1 to $100 per square foot. The most popular tile material is ceramic (from $1 to $15 per square foot, on average). Porcelain tile costs slightly more.

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