Quality Laminated flooring

If your kitchen, dining room or living room is subjected to frequent food spills or muddy footprints from your children or pet, laminate flooring is the solution.

Laminated wood flooring is gaining popularity. This innovation is a great flooring choice for your rooms, kitchens and dining areas. Attractive and affordable, laminated flooring enhances a room’s visual aesthetics upon installation. Laminate flooring is great for your halls and so much more.

Laminated wooden flooring is fast becoming a trend in home renovation. This type of flooring mimics the hardwood look at lower prices. Because of its pleasant appearance and durability, we understand why. Reinvent your home with this innovative flooring. Payless Kitchen Cabinets offers a selection of laminate flooring choices in Glendale, CA.

Laminated wood is a popular choice for floors. Laminated flooring from us is constructed with durable materials. It is an affordable, stable and stain resistant option for your home. Apart from its attractive appearance, our range of laminated flooring offers numerous benefits, which include:

  • Attractive and natural finish – laminated flooring is an imitation of natural hardwood. The pattern on the floor has an uncanny resemblance to natural wood. Once installed, your flooring bears a smooth and attractive photographic finish.
  • Resistant to external elements – laminated flooring is resistant to elements that cause wear and tear. The outer layer protects the floor from smudges and stains due to dirty shoes or feet. This flooring is also UV resistant, perfect for sunrooms and outdoor patios.
  • Easy to clean – Payless laminated flooring reduces the stresses of cleaning. The wear layer of our products protects the floor from common stains and spills. All you have to do is sweep and vacuum regularly to remove dirt.
  • Applicable anywhere in your home – As long as moisture prevention measures are taken, our laminated flooring can be installed anywhere in your home.
  • Durability – laminated wood flooring is more durable and scratch-resistant compared to hardwood.

Find flooring that suits your home’s design. Payless laminated wood flooring is available in different colors and finishes. Choose white laminate for your kitchens and warm shades of brown for your living room. The sleek colors of our products enhance the design of your home’s rooms.

For all your laminate flooring needs in Glendale, CA, work with Payless Kitchen Cabinets. Give your home a new look with our range of laminated floors. Call us now for a free consultation.